We organise your claims - ready for filing

Within your insurance solution we take over the complete claims management for your transportation and storage risks. We do this within or above any deductibles, from zero to the major loss. We work right from the first notice of claim up to the finished recovery. You will receive your claims ready for filing. We offer tailor made solutions, completely independent and with world wide service. We help you that:
- the claims documentation will be completed,
- the claim will be properly adjusted
- the claimant gets his proper indemnity in due course.

We will hand over all necessary details to you and will give recommendations for further reductions of claim risks. At the same time we will protect your rights of recovery against the responsible party and will initiate the recovery on your behalf. Within our data-facilities you will have immediate information available on claims settled, reserves, statistics and present status to pending claims. Our special attention is for a quick claims settlement and maximum pursuit of recovery aspects. Like this we will protect you - and your marine policy.